Make `message.text` not required for Slack action


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The Slack action currently requires message.text to be present, though slack will gladly accept a message without it, as a message can have an attachment which contains the text to be displayed. The current requirement for message.text means a message with attachment needs both message.text and message.attachments.text, causing the message displayed in Slack to look slightly disjointed. Would be excellent to remove this requirement.

Watcher UI Broken on slack.message.text property
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that's a valid request. I created an issue in our internal tracker for this. No promises on timeline though :slight_smile:


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Thanks @spinscale, it's definitely not a blocker, I appreciate it being added in the future :slight_smile:


After upgrading to 6.* my Watcher UI throws this error so I can't access it. How can I fix the offending watcher?

Edit: I figured it out. For anyone else, you can run GET .watches/_search to find the offending watcher ID and remove it with DELETE _xpack/watcher/watch/my_watch

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please open a new thread for this kind of issue.. also it would be helpful if you specify the error message along with your problem.


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+1 I just upgraded to 6.2.2 from 5.6.7 and now I can't get to the watcher UI. Not the end of the world since I can manage everything through the API but a bit of a pain.

I don't think that deleting all offending watchers is a valid fix for the issue though. Adding message.text: " " worked though.

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