Watcher UI Broken on slack.message.text property


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There's already an existing related ticket for this here - Make `message.text` not required for Slack action, but responses are closed and I wanted to get an idea of when or if a fix for this is on the horizon. Right now I can't access the Watcher UI on v6.2.4 because of an error: "Watcher: Error 400 Bad Request: json argument must contain an actionJson.slack.message.text property". My watches have a message.attachments.text, so the additional message.text shouldn't be necessary, and that error shouldn't prevent me from accessing the UI to update the Watcher.

I've attempted updating the watcher via the DevTools, but I have a lot of watches to update and moving around all of the JSON is a bit tedious. I've also tried using _update_by_query, but that doesn't work either because I'm using the Cloud product so I'm unable to set " true" in my elasticsearch.yml.

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the issue mentioned in another post is public now, see Watcher UI Broken on slack.message.text property

I do think however, that we should fix the UI regardless of that. I'll ping our watcher UI folks about that.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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I'm not sure if this is fixed, but I ended up regaining access to the Watcher UI by manually updating the JSON for each of the watches. It was a bit tedious, but after adding in the slack.message.text property, the Watcher UI started working again.

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