Watcher 500 Bug

So currently if a user saves a watch that is invalid it can break the entire watcher mgmt page in kibana. SHouldn't this just deactivate or prevent the user from saving? I foresee this being a big issue with tracking down broken watches using the backend API to unblock other users.

Can you elaborate a bit more please?
Invalid how? Break how?

Sure. I Created a watch that I had working nicely, then removed the "text" line from the notify-slack block because the 'title' field in the dynamic_attachments block handled my format the way I wanted it to. I then saved the watch. Following this I tried to click the link for watches in the mgmt page of kibana and was met with a 500 error. In order to fix this I had to use the PUT API to re-add that line. But I can't ensure all my devs will be able to write a perfect JSON object so I foresee this happening again.

Hi @djtecha,

Yes, we're aware of this issue and actively working on a solution.


Actually, @djtecha, if possible, upgrade to 6.2 and see if it still happens there.

Sure, tried it on 6.2 today and it still breaks watcher just with a different error now upon saving:

Watcher: Error 400 : json argument must contain an actionJson.slack.message.text property

Okay cool that's expected. Right now, the only way to fix is by doing what you said, but we're actively working on fixing this.

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