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Hi all,
after i set a watcher, in kibana logs i receiving the following error:
Error: json argument must contain an property
and in the UI of kibana if i click on watcher, i have the red line:

Watcher: Error 500 Internal Server Error: An internal server error occurred

And i don't remember the name of the watcher created in order to delete it.
How can i solve?

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Hey @sbampa did you create the initial Watch using Kibana? If so, do you see it listed under your Watches when you go to Management -> Watcher?

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It ends up that this is a known bug, and we'll have a fix for it in 6.1.2. In the mean-time, you'll have to specify a body for your watches or else it'll cause the error that you're seeing.


No, it was created using API, not from kibana UI...
ok, i need to specify a body!
Thank you!!

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