Make painless script conditional on presence of field

(Ruben Laban) #1

I currently have the following painless script:

def m = /^(/[^/?&]+).+/.matcher(doc['request_uri.keyword'].value); if ( m.matches() ) { return } else { return "" }

This works just fine, as long as request_uri.keyword exists. And fails horribly when it doesn't exist.

I tried stuff like:

if (doc['request_uri.keyword'] != null) { def m = /^(/[^/?&]+).+/.matcher(doc['request_uri.keyword'].value); if ( m.matches() ) { return } else { return "" } }

But that doesn't appear to be helping either (various other variants won't even compile).

What would be the proper way to check if a field actually exists? This is on ES5.5 btw.

(Ryan Ernst) #2

The doc variable is a java Map, so you can do doc.containsKey('request_uri.keyword')

(system) #3

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