Making kibana Iframe as Public when the XPack is installed

When the XPack is installed is there any way can we make the Kibana Iframe as public without asking for login. Ideally that frame can be visible to everyone.


You can configure Kibana to be behind a reverse proxy that always sets the Baic Auth Headers to a hard-coded user. This way when the user accesses Kibana via the reverse proxy URL, they will get the hard-coded user; however, if you wanted to login as another user you could access Kibana directly and login this way. The following discuss reply illustrates how to do so using NGINX: Auto-authenticating to iframe-embedded Kibana dashboard . This same thing can be accomplished via Apache/HAProxy/etc.

This option works with and without X-Pack Security installed/enabled in Kibana, and provides the ability to access Kibana as an alternate user. However, it does require you to setup/manage a reverse proxy.

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