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i need something (folders) for categorize machine learnings.
there is no feature for import and export machine learnings.

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Hi Al,

Could you please elaborate on what exactly you mean by this? Maybe provide an example or two about how you imagine using this feature.

Thank you,

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my machine learning lists are growing .my documents in elasticsearch are in categories like system events ,net flows and other. there is not a way to order by name or types (i use names like 101e_name1 , 102n_name2 but after a while job names are scattered).
in anomaly explorer i need to use categories name instead of job names.
discovery, visualize and dashboards also require this feature.

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Which version are you running on?

Since 6.1 you can group jobs together and then select the entire group in the anomaly explorer. If you haven't used that feature, it will help you to organize jobs in groups a bit better. In any case, your feedback is appreciated and I can ensure you we are working on features that will allow managing many ML jobs in a better way.

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Hi dmitri
need something like this :

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I assume that "IIS Machine Learning", "MSSQL Machine Learning" and "Netflow Machine Learning" are groups, right?

You add jobs to groups to achieve that. Add jobs "unhandled_exception_count" and "src_ip_count" to a group called "IIS Machine Learning", etc.

The above feature is available since version 6.1.

Let me know if that helped.

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exactly . i use version 6.1.0 and did not found this feacher yet . where is it?
i found but:
in edit job exists "job groups" and this is not working like a charm.
i like to see this groups in "job management" and "anomaly explorer" , with jobs listed below each group.

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Yes, we have plans to make Job Management easier, perhaps in v6.4 or v6.5. Thank you for your input.

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thanks a lot.

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