Export machine learning jobs in elastic cloud


How to export ML jobs from elastic cloud?

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Thanks, I saw that but seems like we are sometimes missing that configuration in Stack Management. Maybe it is some bug.

Anyway, when it is there (under Alerts and Insights) I can access it, but I still don't know how to export ml jobs out of Kibana? Can see that you can only move them between spaces (if you have more than one space).
No export button. It is not very well explained in the documentation.

I want to export them so I can delete them, to get rid of the ones we are not using so I can get rid of their underlying .ml indices.

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It should look like this:

Two possible explanations:

  1. I believe the export/import functionality was introduced in 7.15 so if you are on 7.14 or lower you may not see it

  2. You may not have the machine_learning_admin or the machine_learning_user role assigned to your login id for that cluster.

You are correct. We are still on 7.13 and it was introduced in 7.15.
I can only see Synchronize saved object and not Export and Import job options.
We should upgrade soon.

Thank you for the replies.

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