Manage_security cluster error

Hi, I created and granted a user with manage_security cluster privileges. By right the user should be able to manage role but somehow, when the user click on role name or the Create role button, nothing happen. May i know what could be the problem ?

Have you given the user manage privileges? Can you elaborate more on what logs are you seeing? Version of the stack you are using, what are he different privileges you have given your user.


Hi rashmi,
Thanks for you reply. I only grant manage_security cluster privilege. Don't understand what do you mean by 'what logs are you seeing?'. If you are talking about error log, there is no error prompted and so i didn't check the log. I am using ELK 7.3.2. Instead of trying to figure out the solution, i now give the user access to Dev Tools and ask the user to use script to create role and grant access rights to user.

Logs are Kibana logs - it would reveal more information about whats going wrong . Can you also check w ith giving manage to your cluster privileges and check again ?


Hi rashmi,
I did tried to grant manage in the cluster privilege and that additional permission didn't change anything. The user still cannot modify role.
However, i believe that it is case specific because i setup another server from scratch and grant only manage_security in the cluster privilege to a new role, and grant a user to that new role, that user is able to modify both role and user info. So, i am not sure what went wrong.

The differences between the two server is the ELK version. old server is using version 7.3.2, new server is using 7.7.1.

Never mind, i think this problem is not that important as long as the user agreed to user Dev Tools to run script to perform the required activities. (create role and grant user rights)

Thanks for your help though. Case specific scenario is difficult to troubleshoot .

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