Managing Indices in Elasticsearch 7.0

With all the new features in Elasticsearch 7.0 (such as Index Lifecycle Management), what are the recommended best practices for managing indices?

What has stayed the same since prior to 7.0, and what new recommendations are based on the new features?

A good starting point is to consider ILM as a codification of existing recommendations for managing index lifecycles rather than as introducing anything new.

Okay, but what about things other than ILM? There are a few new things such as frozen indices for instance, and possibly others I don't even know about. These no doubt are very useful in certain circumstances so I suppose there would be new best practices to reflect this.

I'm not really sure what else you're asking. The docs for frozen indices give recommendations for when to use them, and they integrate with ILM. They've also been available since 6.6 so not really a new feature in 7.0.

OK, I'll clarify.

There has been a lot of new stuff released in recent versions... 7.0+ but also late 6.x releases. I'm aware of some of these features, but at the same time I don't know everything that has been released. Presumably some of the new stuff affects the way we manage indices, so I'd like to know what these are and how they change what we know about managing indices from let's say 5.x.

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