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So a user visits my kibana host, to track his/her activity, i want to generate manual logs. what kind of functionality would i require to achieve this?

PS: if i achieve the above functionality, can i then use these logs for logstash?
PPS: i am using kibana version 4.5, elastic search version 2.3, what version should i use for logstash?

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hi @Shubham_Agrawal

Not exactly sure what you mean with "manual" logs, but if you mean tracking using your own technology stack, you'll probably have multiple options.

One straightforward approach is putting a reverse proxy in front of your Kibana deployment and use the logs from that server, one that redirects all traffic to the Kibana-server. e.g. nginx can be used with logstash ( I think most web servers have some sort of reverse-proxying functionality, and you can ingest their logs with logstash.


Hi ,
by manual i mean i want to generate a log saying that the user has visited this dashboard or that visualization or click on share button.
Also I am using nginx but those logs are not that informative. however kibana logs are much more enriched with info so i thought i should add some more logs to it. I will eventually use these logs with logstash.


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