Manually Enrolling Kibana

Hi there,

I am trying to enroll Kibana manually (meaning without the enrollment token.)
Basically what I am doing is-
Starting elasticsearch and then setting the password for kibana_system
and then entering these credential in kibana login page.

So the problem here is , When I am trying to do this in my local machine I am able to do this successfully.

But when I tried running elasticsearch and kibana in an EC2 VM then after providing the kibana username and password it also asks for a 6 digit verification code, which It was not asking when I was running it in my local setup.

Note: I am running elasticsearch and kibana using docker

Can anyone please help me here understand this behaviour.
Also, is there any environment variable I can set in Kibana using which I do not have to pass 6 digit verification code.


For Docker you will have to generate your enrollment token: Install Kibana with Docker | Kibana Guide [8.8] | Elastic

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