Manually import data from indices folder

Hello all,

For unknown reason, our index was deleted automatically.
we have a backup but just the folder in, no snapshot.
is there any tricky method to import index from this backup?


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What version are you running?

If this is a single node cluster and you have all files from directory, you should just add a directory to in Elasticsearch.yml or just copy file to the directory. Use the same or newer ES version, and be aware when you use higher version later will not be possible to use indices on lower ES versions, AFAIK. So the best option is to use the same ES version. I would suggest to do restore on a separate server or location disk, it might be there was some other problems with ES which cause problems. Keep your backup as the precious gold.

I'm using the same logic, 1 directory for ES, another for During upgrade process, just extract ES files and update Elasticsearch.yml. This is working fine for 7.x versions without any problems.

If you have the cluster with multiple node, you have to have multiple copies from every node at the same time.

version 7.4.2

Hi Rios,

its a cluster with 2 nodes.
we already built another server on single node where we put the folder. unfortunately, Elasticsearch didn't start, we've got error "master not discovered"

Must be incidental configuration 2 nodes, with the same Elasticsearch.yml from source nodes.

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