Import index saved without snapshot

Before changed my ELK version to v.2.0 I saved some index manually, just copy the data directory and paste in other server. I didn't have copy with snapshot system, in these times I was very newbie in ELK, now I know I must be save my indexes in a backup copy with "backup/restore".
My question is if exist any way to import these indexes or other way to recover the data, because I really need recover some data from these indexes.

Thank you.

You can try to shutdown ES, copy the data back, then start it up and see if it'll recover it.
But there's no guarantee it will.

Hello Warkolm,
Any way to convert into xml or file to save data?.

Thank you.

Not that I am aware of.

omg, I can not believe ELK not have a tools to import directly from its files.
And I cannot read the files with other tool to try get data manually.....