Problem after importing a snapshot

first of all I'm not very experienced, I must say :wink:

I have a server with ELK+Wazuh installed.
while documenting myself, I was able to make a snapshot of Elasticsearch.

I set up a new server, I installed ELK+Wazuh too.
I made the import of the snapshot data, the import ended well.

but I have a problem, indeed, if I go into Kibana-Elasticsearch-Index management, I have all my indexes, great.

on the other hand, if I go in Kibana-Discover, the patern index is good (the same in comparison as on the first server) except that I have no data, I can change the dates of my range, nothing...

I think I have to do other things before it works again, but I don't find :sob:

thanks for your help.

What does the results of curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" 0:9200/_cat/indices?v show?

Thank you for the answer.
With the order I have all my clues.
But I tried again, and with the right index, I got my data back, so I guess the default index was wrong.
thank you for your help.

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