Cannot see restored indices in Kibana


I installed new ELK stack using the same template/process as with existing ones and restored an old snapshot from another ELK stack via

POST /_snapshot/<repo>/date:20200715/_restore

Now I can see via

curl -s http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices

green, open indices from the snapshot but when searching in Kibana, I see no data from those indices (only log entries of the new ELK stack). What am I missing?

EDIT: After restart of elasticsearch service those indices are gone...

In terms of not seeing the data in Kibana, did you add an index pattern that would match the indices you restored? It would help if you included some details including the name of indices.

With those indices not persisting after the restart. Is this a single Elasticsearch instance? Are you persisting the data directory? Is this Docker?

Hello, thank you. Sorry, I don't know what persisting the data directory means. But it was that index pattern. When I added the same alias as the defaultIndex name to one of restored indices, I could see its data in Kibana then. And it also survived restart then. So solved! :slight_smile:

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