Indices are not loaded to kibana

I have installed an ELK stack. My elasticsearch disk was full, so I’ve changed the parameter of elasticsearch.yml to point to a new disk. (The permissions of the new disk are correctly set, ES is up and running, and I see the data is loaded to ES (collected in the new disk), so logstash is able to collect and send the data, When I query ES to list the indices(GET _cat/indices?v), I can see the indices are all listed , but the kibana web interface does not show any index which I can choose as the default one, so I get the error "No default index pattern. You must select or create one to continue.", but when I was using the old disk, it could automatically list all the available indices that I can choose from them. what should I do?

Have you tried creating an index pattern matching the new index names? Is the config in kibana.yml correctly pointing to the Elasticsearch instance using the new disk?

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