Kibana not accessible anymore when index was close

Hi Guys,

I'm new to elasticsearch and would like to ask your expertise about.

We are using ECK 7.9.3 and trying to restore a snapshot however, I was advice that make sure that all indices are closed before restoring snapshot.

Here is the command.

POST /*/_close

After running that command, I can no longer access kibana.

Do you have idea how to open the closed index.
Please help me else.


POST /*/_open

Then close the indices you are going to restore.

You closed all the system indices which is why I believe you could not log in.

Or to just open the system indices

POST /.*/_open Note the dot

Either way perhaps take a look at the snapshot and restore docs

Thanks Stephen.

I was able to access kibana after opening kibana index using curl. Did snapshot restore again, the engines, schemas, documents were there however, if you go to appsearch and open specific engine, go to documents tab, I notice that its empty. Not sure If I missed something again.


I would open another thread with App Search and The issues in the subject line. Mention you closed all indices.

I suspect there are still other closed indices when you ran that first command you closed everything.

You can do a

GET _cat/indices?v

And see what is still closed.

I executed that and copy the result...then find for close...But I can't find one.

I really appreciate your response

So I'm not an app search expert I would open a new thread with the title like app search documents missing after snapshot and restore and perhaps an app search specialist can answer.

Ohh and welcome to the community!

Thank you stephenB for the warm welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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