Elastic - restoring index from snapshots does not work

running Elastic stack 7.12.0.
I configured a repository to snapshot indices.
The system takes a snapshot on a daily basis and keeps 7 days.
All snapshots seem to be okay.
States are all "Snapshot complete".

I tried several times to restore deleted indices from these snapshots starting in the Kibana interface without any success.

I started from kibana, selected "restore", then selecting only one index from the dropdown list, with or without "Partial restore".

I then clicked on "Next" + "Next" + "Restore snaphot".

The restore seemed to start, I can see progress but it suddently stopped and nothing was restored. "Restore Status" TAB of the kibana interface just showed:

" No restored snapshots
Go to [Snapshots] to start a restore."

I checked the logs but found nothing.

I also verified the repository and everything looked ok:

### Repository type

Shared file system

[Repository docs](https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.12/snapshots-register-repository.html#snapshots-filesystem-repository)

### Snapshots

[8 snapshots found]

### Settings



### Verification status


So, right now, I am not able to restore lost indices.

Any idea where I can start investigating why it is not working ?

Okay, I understand what happened.

Elastic restored indices including their properties. Like creation_date.

And ILM deleted them once restored.

I reset the property "index.lifecycle.name" and indices are restored and okay.

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