Unable to restore Snapshot

Hi All,

I have created a shared repository and created a snapshot in it. When I try to restore it after deleting the existing index , Iam unable to do so . I get the below error.
index and alias names need to be unique, but the following duplicates were found [.kibana (alias of [.kibana_1/iWtK08jFTCC0GHLObDmHnQ])]

I get this error even though I delete .kibana index.
Let me know what I am missing here.

Hi @Gayathri.Srivathsan

Can you check whether the index exists again? Maybe you have Kibana running currently and it recreated the index between you deleting it and trying to restore the snapshot?

Hi @Armin_Braun
I have deleted the index. When I try to restore it gets created. If I stop kibana now , I cant restore right? Kibana automatically creates .kibana immediately once I delete it. How to fix this?


you can't use Kibana to manage your restore if it includes the .kibana index I'm afraid. You'll have to restore manually via e.g. curl as documented [here] (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.5/snapshots-restore-snapshot.html) after shutting down Kiabana.

Thanks . It worked :slight_smile:

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