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I need to change the map projection from Mercator to LatLon (EPSG:4326). Since upgrading to Kibana 5.5.2, I can not find where in the code I can change this. It used to be in src/ui/public/vislib/visualizations/_map.js. I can not change the WMS Map Server and my system is not on the internet.


hi @daneitz,

Kibana only supports the web-mercator projection (the EPSG:3857 spatial reference, as the map's projection. So if you put in a WMS server, please ensure that you're WMS can return images in that projection. Kibana uses Leaflet right now for mapping, and that does not allow you to change the map's projection.

If you bring in lat-lon data (e.g. as a vector layer for the Region Maps), the lat-lon needs to be in the WGS1984 datum (which is the same datum as the one from the EPSG:4326 spatial reference)


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