Map - Only bucket shape field available

I have an Elastic cluster with Kibana on top (5.6.14).
I just added the filter GeoIp to Logstash and have all the desired data from the original IP I have from the source, indexed to Elastic.

Now I wanted to build a visualization from thoses info to see where those IP come from. Every tutorial I can find, I can see a bucket named "Geo Coordinate - Geo Hash". In my case I only have "Shape field.

Do this version is able to build a map from this kind of data ? Do I have to install a plugin or something ?

Thank !

The Geo Hash aggregation currently only works with fields mapped as geo_point.

If your field is mapped as a geo_point you can use the Coordinate Map visualization to create Geo Hash visualilzations.

Hi @nickpeihl,

Thanks for your answer. The filter geoip on Logstash has construct a bunch of new fields but of the type string and number. Nothing as geo_point so not usable as it is on a map. How can I fix that ?

Hi @Ragnar

You may have to install the GeoIP plugin in Elasticsearch as well.

This blog post might be helpful for you. It goes over the entire configuration for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. And there is a troubleshooting section for common issues at the end of the post.

If you still have trouble can you also share your Logstash config?

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