Map Tooltip covered in dashboard

The tooltip of the map is covered in a dashboard.
How show it completely, without zoom or move the map :smile:

And another question about tooltip.

Can I customize the tooltip now, in the kibana 5.6.2?
I saw the issue. But there is not official answer continue, and the issue is still open now.

That was fixed as part of a refactoring change: It'll be released for 6.0+. The change was rather large and unfortunately won't be backported to 5.x

I am not 100% sure, but I think that since the issue is still open, that means that option doesn't exist yet.

cc @thomasneirynck


wrt. the open issue, making the tooltip configurable is part of the backlog for Kibana, but is not actively being worked on right now.

Thank for your answer, I expect the new version :smile:

And thank @thomasneirynck, the message is :sob:

you're breaking my heart @RomainXie :slight_smile: :broken_heart:

We know it's a popular request. I think for now, it doesn't hurt for you to provide feedback on that github-issue, it will help pushing it up in the queue.

I signed in the wall :slight_smile: Hope it will be bring up ASAP.
Thank you

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