Mapper-attachments 3.0 and head plugin


I've created an attachment field type with django + haystack, and I can put my docs to the elasticsearch database. I use mapper-attachments 3.0.2 with a fresh elasticsearch 2.0 application.
I'm actually sending the data as :

    "_content_type": "application/msword", 
    "_content_length": 36864, 
    "_name": "CR interpoles 05.10.15.doc", 
    "_language": "fr", 
    "_title": "CR interpoles 05.10.15.doc"

I can see the attachment in the mappings, so it sound OK, but I cannot request the attachments :
with head plugin. I've a 404 error when requestings in the browser view : reason = "all shards failed"

Is there a new release on head with elasticsearch 2.0 ? Did I miss something ? Thanks !

Head plugin does not work with 2.0 AFAIK

Which front-end could I use ?

Sense, any REST plugin for your browser, Kopf...

Thanks, I've installed kopf (and hq)