Mapping conflict with Field Name "Type"

How do you resolve a mapping conflict? When I looked at the mappings URL: http://host:port/_all/_mapping I believe I discovered the mapping conflicts but not really sure. Also I have a Cluster alert that says "Elasticsearch cluster status is yellow. Allocate missing replica shards." Could the two issues be linked?


Hey Bitdog,

If you're running a single node cluster, then the default shard configuration of 5 primaries 1 replica (10 total) will be unable to allocate any replicas, as these must live on a different node to the primary shards. This will mean the cluster will be in a yellow state and this is what the Cluster alert in Kibana is notifying you of. Options to clear this alert are to dynamically set your indices to 0 replicas if you intend to stay with the single node configuration or to add an additional node (you could even do this on the same host if you use a different port, eg if you're testing on a laptop).

Can you provide an example of your mapping conflict error message?

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