Mapping conflicts across cluster?

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Hi all,

Now we are using elastic search 1.3.7 and planning to do upgrade to 5.5 by data reindexing

We have numerous of mapping conflicts in ES 1.3.7 index so we can't able to upgrade.

But now we plan to change " one type one index ", so now there is no mapping conflicts in the index because only one type is there.

Now my question " Is there is any risk to keep mapping conflicts over cluster "

(Julien) #2

One type per index is the recommendation here as mentioned here :
Also multiple type will be deprecated in version 6

However any query where you will want to query several indices using fields of different types will cause failures. So you should check what queries you will need and most likely rename your fields to avoid conflict in queries in case you want to query those indices together later...

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Thanks much @Julien , it helps lot !

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