Mapping in the new .NET client V8

I'm trying to write a mapping function using V8 client library. But there is not much i can configure. For example in the NEST V7, i can specify analyzer, multifields to a certain field via fluent mapping:
.Text(tt => tt

But there is no way to add any specification to mapping in V8 client library. The only thing i can do is to map a field to a type:
.Mappings(mappings => mappings.Properties(p => p
.LongNumber(e => e.Id)
.Text(t => t.Title)))
Anyone know if it's possible to do the same thing in NEST V7 with V8 client?
Or it's better to wait for a formal release of V8 client code? Is it GA yet? Thanks!
Besides @stevejgordon , the code example in this document is still using NEST, Audit trail | Elasticsearch .NET Client [8.9] | Elastic
But it's in the V8.9 client document.

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