Net Client NEST 8 download?

Elastic 8 was released few weeks ago and NEST 8 documentation is online but I cant find NEST 8 nuget package. When it is going to be published or where I can download final release or a beta?

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Hi Alberto

You can find the pre-release (an alpha) over here:

We're still working on the v8 for .NET, so watch this space.


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Hi Nigel!

Is there sort of ETA for this? The alpha package is from half a year ago, and I can see no Github activity in the project for almost a month now. Hopefully everyone involved in the project is ok!


Hi @NashSLX,

I maintain the .NET client so can provide a little more detail. The alpha is from January 26th so is about two months old. A second alpha should be out soon. We don't have a formal ETA for the GA package but we are working hard on producing it. For the time being, you may use the 7.17.x client with v8 server by following this guide.

I'm working on a local branch for a fairly significant revision and improvement for the fluent API which will be merged as soon as it's complete. So you'll see more commits there soon I hope.


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