NEST and new elastic .net client

New elastic net client is not compatible with old NEST, we have complex application build on old NEST and is very difficult to migrate and test to new client.

Is NEST going to be supported in future elastic version in compatibility mode?
This is a big problem to break clients why this decision was made and why new .net clients are not more compatible with old code and easy to migrate to?

Hi @agonzalez !

Most of the reasons for creating new clients is described here and as well some of the new core concepts are mentioned:

NEST won't be supported for upcoming ES 9.* (we always only support +1 version and NEST is the v7.0 client), but I'm currently working to add all missing endpoints to the v8.* client. This has the absolutely highest priority at the moment. After that's done, I plan to migrate some of the "convenience features" like e.g. auto mapping and so on.

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