Mapping text field with keyword not aggregatable


I create a mapping like this

    "login": {
      "type": "text",
      "fields": {
       "keyword": {
         "type": "keyword",
         "ignore_above" : 256

(here is the full mapping)

If I follow the docs from here
I should end up with a aggregatable field but it doesnt.. I have refreshed my fields in kibana but helaas that did not help.

I am running the lastest version of ELK 5.0.1.

I hope someone can help.


You ought to have a field called login.keyword that is aggregatable. At least, in Elasticsearch you should be able to run aggregations on that field.

Agreed, but if I have that field in elasticsearch kibana should see it as aggregatable I would expect.
It creates such a field in my dynamic mapping and those are perfectly aggregatable.

It could be that it is not a ES problem but a kibana problem, who knows....

Al other ideas are welcome...



i have similar problem.

if i want to aggregate by a .keyword field in main _source tree, all is working fine.
But if I have .keyword field in deeper sructure there I am not able to aggregate thta. Still getting empty result:

"queues": { "terms": { "field": "otherAttributes.queName.keyword" } }

Any idea why it is not able to aggregate the hierarchy?

Thank you!

Nope! It ought to work. Could you try to reproduce the issue with curl? That helps remove lots of variables from things like this.

Also, you might want to start a new topic for it.

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