Maps delayed loading of cluster circle icon

I'm using Maps in Kibana 7.11.1. The maps have a field filter in the cluster settings menu, and the dashboard has one or two global filters in the top menu. Sometimes, there is a delay of the cluster circle icon if it's not inside the default map view. I drag the view to the position of the cluster circle, but it doesn't appear. Then I wait for some time, drag left and right, and it appears, sometimes first only as a number, and then as a full circle. I tried this with smaller clusters and with a few geolocation coordinates in the index.

How is your cluster layer configured? What grid resolution are you using?

Is the layer menu showing a loading icon while you are waiting for the clusters to load?

Use the inspector to view the underlying requests to elasticsearch. How long is the request for the clusters taking?

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I'm using the finest grid resolution.
The layer loads, but then as I drag, the view shows a loading icon, then it loads. With further dragging, there can be other bursts of loading.
The requests are called bsearch and are POSTing to the endpoint They take about 500ms.

The layer only loads data for the visible map area plus 50% in each direction. So you should expect loading as you pan your map and the area outside of the current bounds needs to be fetched.

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