Marking index location in read only mode

I wanted to know, how to close existing index location (ready-only mode) and open new index location for writing the index data? Consider a use case that, I want to chage my storage type in which old data will remain on the existing drive and new data will write to a new location. I wanted to read the data from old as well as new index location at the same time.


If I understood correctly, you can make your old index in read-only mode.

PUT /my_old_index/_settings { "settings": { "index.blocks.write": true } }

Writing operations will be blocked and you can start to write documents in your new index

Does that mean you can't put index "location" in read only mode. You can put only Index in read only mode in Elasticsearch?

You cannot have a single node that has this type of storage setup. You will need multiple nodes to do this.

You should also look at using [ILM]ILM: Manage the index lifecycle | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic) to handle this for you automatically.

Can't we add disk to a node i.e. comma separated field in to expand the storage on a existing node.

Note: It's a single node elastic cluster per installation of our application.

Yes but Elasticsearch will treat it exactly the same as the other path.

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