Master and Ingest node in one? Is my Hot-Warm-Cold concept any good?

for a customer I have set up the following cluster concept:

Is it any good or do you think something should be different?
In which node should I ingest the data and which one should run kibana?

Is this a good idea or should I just define the Hot (or warm) Nodes as masters?


Hi @defalt, Allows me to share some comments with you
First, you need to have a clear idea on the following points :
1- What is the Retention period of the hot data, and what is the storage required for that hot period, then a ratio of 30:1 is a good sizing
2- What is the size of the warm data, and what is the volume required, then a ratio can go to 100:1
3- 3 master nodes is a good option, but the sizing is so big for your master node, i will use small nodes (8Go RAM and small disk) theses nodes can be used as client to connect kibana for querying data), otherwise use them as warm nodes

Thank you for your reply. I already changed the setup for the master nodes. I realized that the master node is way to big. I will change the RAM according to your suggested ratios. I also think that its ok if the warm nodes are the masters because I don't think they will have that much load.

If you run dedicated master nodes, then that is what they should be. Don't use them for ingest as well.

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