Master node down

I am running two elastic nodes on port 9200 and 9201, I am adding the data through kibana with Http requests and everything is working fine. Here I stopped 9200 node and now I am unable to add data and in 9201 node I am seeing some exceptions like master node down. why 9201 not acting as master now?

For a highly available cluster you need a minimum of 3 master eligible nodes. 2 is not enough.

I have 3 nodes with port 9200 as primary and 9201,9202. I am adding data to node with port number 9200, now my node 9200 closed for some x reasons, now iam unable to add data because port is 9200, how I can i do that?

You need to set up you client to connect to all nodes in the cluster or use a load balancer.

means in my client app I need to connect to all 3 nodes, then while adding data , I need to give to primary node address if my primary exists if not I should add data in other node.

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