Master nodes

cat master nodes .... will it not provide all the master eligible nodes. it always shows only one ...

That seems to agree with the docs for GET _cat/master:

It simply displays the master’s node ID, bound IP address, and node name.

Perhaps you are looking for GET _cat/nodes?

even when i try this GET _cat/nodes ? i see for only one master node - master is highlighted with '*' ..... should i not see the number of nodes configured in zen settings

for e.g - if discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes is 3 - i should see 3 nodes highlighted with '*' for master node. But i am seeing only one. Please let me know if my understanding is right.

No, there's only supposed to be a single elected master node in the cluster. There may be multiple master-eligible nodes (confusingly these are the ones with node.master: true) but they work together to elect just one of them as the true master.

The master-eligible nodes are marked with an m in the role column.

Note that if you have 3 master-eligible nodes then discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes should be 2.

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ah ... got it !

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