Hello everyone,
My english is not well so i use google trad.

have encountered this error from the start knowing that I work on a Debian 11.5 VM with suricata installed as well as elasticsearch, kibana, filebeat so I only have one node and 1 single cluster because this project is only one test again.

Ask me if you need a screenshot !

Hi @Chulter,

Welcome! If you could share the log output as text in future it greatly helps for reading and searching for solutions.

Can you share your configuration and any errors in the log files? The master_not_discovered_exception normally suggests that the master node in the cluster cannot be identified. The below resources may help you figure out the issue or restart your setup:

  1. Elasticsearch Master Node Not Discovered | Opster
  2. Elasticsearch Set-up

Let us know of any errors you find in the logs.

Hope that helps!

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