MasterNotDiscoveredException after extending disk space

Hi all,

We have Elasticsearch deployed in 2 nodes, and we had issue related to disk space, and after extending it, we get the following issue MasterNotDiscoveredException[waited for [30s]].

[2018-07-06 10:02:35,466][WARN ][] [***server_name***] failed to send ping to [[***server_name***][*********][***server_name***][inet[/10.14.**.**:9300]]]
org.elasticsearch.transport.SendRequestTransportException: [***server_name***][inet[/10.14.**.**:9300]][internal:discovery/zen/unicast]
	at org.elasticsearch.transport.TransportService.sendRequest(
	at org.elasticsearch.shield.transport.ShieldServerTransportService.sendRequest(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: org.elasticsearch.transport.NodeNotConnectedException: [***server_name***][inet[/10.14.**.**:9300]] Node not connected
	at org.elasticsearch.transport.netty.NettyTransport.nodeChannel(
	at org.elasticsearch.transport.netty.NettyTransport.sendRequest(
	at org.elasticsearch.transport.TransportService.sendRequest(
	... 7 more

Note: for security reasons, we hide some informations by using "*".

Please give me some help

Thank you in advance.

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Mohammed ESSABRI

This is the crucial line:

The node is not connected. There should be other information in the log indicating why this might be. I'd start by looking for connections being refused, or connection timeouts, and also confirm that the IP addresses are all correct and that is set correctly on both nodes.

Thank you for the help @DavidTurner,

Right, it was related to neetwork issue.

Many thanks!

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