"[match_phrase] query doesn't support multiple fields

I have profiles which have fields ListExperience and derived(some have missing derived).
I am making query in the elasticsearch so that it matches my title in ListExperience.Title and exists some values in derived.soc exists or not

 { "size": 10,
   "query": {
             "bool": {
                  "must": {
                           "match_phrase": {
                                     "ListExperiences.Title": "lead ios developer",
                                     "exists.soc":"derived" }}}}}

it gives me a parsing exception 400 error

  ` "[match_phrase] query doesn't support multiple fields, found [ListExperiences.Title] and [exists]"`

You can do a bool query with a should array which contains 2 match_phrase queries, one per field.

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