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I have an index with our application logs, which is exported directly to ELK. Below is one of the session log,

{"@timestamp": "2020-08-19T13:42:15.236Z", "session": "fdb56d5f", "client": "", "operation": "login"}
{"@timestamp": "2020-08-19T13:47:42.659Z", "session": "fdb56d5f", "account": "rajesh", "protocol": "ssh", "vcs": "git", "pack": "upload"}


  • the first entry is for login and next entry for main operation info.
  • we are using only the second entry for visuals.Unfortunately, the client IP is in the first entry.
  • Requirement: we need to match the session and add a new field in second entry by copying the client ip from first line. any guidance ?


Elasticsearch doesn't easily support this kind of session analysis in a single query, but we have a feature called Transforms which is capable of joining sessions into a session-oriented instead of time-oriented index.

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