Max aggregation on .keyword field with both string and number values

I've a quite common situation: I've an index for products with a barcode field:

 "barcode": {
               "type": "text",
                "fields": {
                  "ngram": {
                    "type": "text",
                    "analyzer": "ngram",
                    "search_analyzer": "standard"
                  "keyword": {
                    "type": "keyword"

I need to get the MAX value for the barcode when it's a number: in fact in my index I could have either string values (ie. "MYBARCODE001245") or numeric values (i.e. "1234567890123"). I need to get the MAX value of numeric values.
In that even possible? I guess I need to change a little bit my schema index because I see the query can't run on my field like it is.

Thanks for your hints.

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