Max size by index?¿

Hi, sorry for my kid question.

I have just a node with elasticsearch, also a logstash with filebeat in varius nodes.

My ask is: ¿I can limit the total size of index? I haven´t may HDD and I need limit it.

Any idea?

I try rollover but, I think than not work .

Yes, Index Lifecycle Management (ILM) or what you call it - rollover - is the right way to go here.

Set up a ILM-Policy and apply it to your Index.
For starters see here:

Thanks so much!

It´s a possible solution, only than I use elasticsearch 6.3 and not all options of ILM work.
I use curator with actions, and not is easy (but work)
I´m think in a upgrade.

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OK, I didn't know that, sorry!

Yes, upgrade your cluster according to this upgrade path.

You will like all the new features and improvements! :wink:

Best of luck!

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