Max sum of 15 min window

I have number field called count.
which is collected every min.
I want to sum them up for every 15 min. and display only max of that four itration on hourly windows.

1st sum (1-15 min data) 110
2nd sum (16-30 min data) 120
3rd sum (31-45 min data) 140
4th sum (46-00 min data) 100

then on X axis where I have date histogram (one hour) I want to display only 140. is that possible?

This configuration should do the calculation you are interested in (click the visualization and possibly scroll down, it's pretty long):

On the X axis it's a regular hourly date histogram. The metric on the y axis is the "Max bucket" of a 15m date histogram of the sum of the field you are interested in.

@flash1293 Thank you very much for detail reply. that is what I was trying to do.

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