Help with Vizualization for Kibana


I have an index that keeps data sources from multiple platforms. Each provide me the number of active users at certain point in time every minute.

Platform:Platform1, Datetime:5hr10, ActiveUsers:10
Platform:Platform2, Datetime:5hr11, ActiveUsers:13
Platform:Platform3, Datetime: 5hr14, ActiveUsers:6

I want to plot a DateHistogram, which provides me the total number of active users per 5 min. So for the period of 5hr10 to 5hr15 it should give me 29.

But the issue is if I am viewing it for 1 week period, the interval changes from 5 min to 1hour and the total is given per hour which is much higher (due to huge amount of data).

Is there a way to display the max per auto interval which will be the sum of all active users within 5 min interval.

So if within 1 hour, the maximum sum per 5 min is 60, i should get 60.


Please use Custom in Interval and set it to 5m

i need small help i wrote this code in dev-tools console
for retrieving information about the selected fields only but it is displaying all fields
GET /_search?&pretty=true&size=10

"query": {
"query_string": {
"query": "countryCode:SA AND serviceName:SMS",
"analyze_wildcard": true


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