Maximum number of shards reached on a single node cluster


When creating an Index, I get the following error : "this action would add [2] total shards, but this cluster currently has [1000]/[1000] maximum shards open;"

I found out a few posts about this issue and checked the indices for the number of shards they use and their status.

Here is the current status of my Elasticsearch :

  • My cluster is composed of only one node. This node has the default maximum number of shards (1000). 503 indices are present, all having a number_of_shards set to 1 and a number_of_replicas set to 1. The status for each index is "Yellow".
  • I am running on Elasticsearch 7.6.2

From what I could find, when having a single node, the replica is not created. As the number of shards per index is 1, shouldn't have only 503 shards used and not the 1000 ?

Thanks for your help,

Set number of reucas to 0 as they can not be allocated on a single node cluster. Also look at trying to reduce the number of indices you are creating.

I am currently checking for a delete of the old indices after a retention period but I was wondering why I had so many shards used when I have "only" 503 indices (time based, daily frequency)
Is it because of the replicas, even though they are not supposed to be created on the same node as the primary ?

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