Maximum results pulled in Kibana

(Robin) #1

Hi there,

I would like to know if there is anyway to pull more than 10,000 results in Kibana? It seems to be the maximum based on the settings.



Courier Fetch Error: unhandled courier request error: Request Timeout after 30000ms
(Ed) #2

You mean the sample size? I believe the defailt is like 100

it is in the kibana->settings->advance page

(Robin) #3

Hi Ed,

I hope you're well and thanks a lot for your answer. Yes I am referring to "sample size". However, it seems that the maximum is 10,000 as whenever I try to increase this further, I receive an error message when running searches in the discover category.

Do you know if there is any other way to get more than 10,000 results?



(Ed) #4

Things are well,

What kind of error are you receiving?

I mean your going to have a couple of problems from this, your search timeout setting will have to be changed for kibana, I think kibana.yaml, your browser might have an issue with the time to return a result, and it definitely will increase the memory usage of your browser too, as it pulls all that data back to you.

So it is something that needs to be worked through, as I don't have a simple answer for you.

(Robin) #5

Hi Ed,

Thanks a lot for your reply. It seems that the 10,000 maximum is allowed by Kibana. Although I keep getting the following error:

Courier Fetch Error: unhandled courier request error: Request Timeout after 30000ms

Do you know if increasing the search results to 10,000 would be the cause?



(Christian Dahlqvist) #6

Kibana does highlighting by default for search panels, and I recall seeing this being quite resource intensive for at least some large result sets. You may want to try disabling this under advanced settings to see if it makes a difference for your use case.

(Ed) #7

well that error, is because your timing out in fetching all the results, you have to go to the kibana.yml and double or quadruple the timeout value, or tune your elasticsearch cluster to search faster :slight_smile:

i Personally have queries that take ~5 minutes cause I am search 8TB of data with not enough CPU's to process it all

(Robin) #8

Hi both,

Thanks a lot for your answer. @Ed, do you know exactly how I can access the kibana.yml?



(Ed) #9

In the conf directory of your kibana install

(system) #10