Can kibana handle 30k+ documents in search result?

I am having issues when doing a search in kibana (within Discover) that should return ~30k documents (not time series data). Is this expected? What is the max number of documents kibana should be able to handle in Discover?


It's hard to give a max number. It could depend on the complexity of the query, cluster load, and document size in addition to the number of documents.

Loading 30k documents would likely be difficult for discover. Elasticsearch can handle the query fine, but Kibana would have some difficulty processing and rendering that amount of data. Are you seeing page freezes or slow responses? That can help narrow down what's causing the hangups - page freezes are usually related to more data than Kibana can handle.

Hi jbudz!

I get the Discover: Request Timeout after 30000ms error in the browser. No data shows up in the browser. In the chrome dev tools I see that the _msearch query was sent to the kibana elasticsearch endpoint, but it timed out after 30 seconds. When I run the _msearch query against elasticsearch directly it works as expected. It seems to be a backend issue.


I see. It does seem to be timing out, and Kibana by default cancels after 30 seconds. This can be modified with elasticsearch.requestTimeout in kibana.yml.

Is the query directly to elasticsearch taking an extended amount of time? And just to double check, is it using the same request body seen in chrome's dev tools?

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