Kibana time out during discover request on index with large number of fields while direct elastic query is fast

I have an index that has over 800 fields. Each field is either an integer, float or a small string.
When I search the elastic index directly the query returns very quickly 43ms. I've tried this in the Dev Console in Kibana as well as with curl.

However when querying using Discover the request times out with the following error:

Error: Request Timeout after 120000ms

I checked the Kibana logs and don't see any specific errors neither in elastic search logs.

Has anyone seen this before why would Kibana discover time out when a regular query does not?

What version of ES and kibana are you using ? Also am thinking, that Kibana timeout depends on several factors : A proxy is in-between you and your cluster and the proxy is misbehaving, network latency or do you have your cluster setup to use X-Pack Monitoring? Is it running low on memory? etc.


I'm using version 5.5, no proxy, cluster is fine, no network latency, 128GB of memory.
I think the problem might be that it's just alot of data to bring back...
800 fields is alot. When I limit the sample size in Kibana to 20 it does come back faster. Still not as fast as normal but noticeably faster.

yea, I suspect thats the reason. I have seen such issues filed in many areas .
This one is too : Subscribe to this for more updates...

Hello Rashmi,

We have the same challenge, here are the the ELK Cluster details
Elastic/Kibana: 5.5
Memory : 128gb of ram per node
Heap: 24GB per node
Number of Nodes : 5

Discover tab timeout issues
We never had this challenge earlier with fields ranging from 10 to 450. But now we have a data set which contains 1120 fields approximately, and discover pages fails with timeout exception.

The bug you have mentioned above is Index pattern, we are not seeing any challenges with that.

Any help is much appreciated


Which version of 5.5 you are using? This should be fixed in 5.5.2+


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