Discover: Request Timeout after 1200000ms


When I try to search with a period upper than 3 or 4 hours, I have the timeout request message in Kibana ("Discover: Request Timeout after 30000ms").

I have already try to up the timeout to 60 then 120 secs but there are no effect. I've always the timeout error.

My ES config is :

  • 4 ES DATA nodes : 6 CPU, RAM 62Go(XMS and XMX at 31 Go), 500 Go for data
  • 2 client node (with ES and kibana installed on each) : 8 CPU, RAM 32 Go (XMS and XMX at 16 Go)
    All node are installed with version 6.1.1 on CentOS
    Each day, 4 indices are created (with 4 shards and 1 replica for each shards). Every days, we remove replicas of past day. We keep just the active shards.
    The shards are remove after 5 days.

The size of indices is :

  • 1 indice : 180 m events / day
  • 1 indice : 55 m events / day
  • 2 indice : 25 m events each indice / day

Somebody can help me ?

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