Discover: Request Timeout after 30000ms

Hi, we are using Kibana 6.7.1 and Elasticsearch version 6.7 in our org. when I run a query to get the data i get timeout error as "Discover: Request Timeout after 30000ms".
We have deployed kibana using helm charts in our kubernetes cluster.

//our kibana.yaml.tmpl file
elasticsearchHosts: "https://$ES_ENDPOINT:443"
imageTag: 1.0.20xxxx23191945
replicas: 1
enabled: true
annotations: nginx-external-ingress "true" "https://kibana.$TOOLS_CLUSTER_DNS_SUBDOMAIN/oauth2/auth" "https://kibana.$TOOLS_CLUSTER_DNS_SUBDOMAIN/oauth2/start?rd=$ESCAPED_REQUEST_URI"
path: /

Please provide any suggestions to reslove this issue i am facing.

You can bump the request timeout via elasticsearch.requestTimeout if it's a long running query.

Can you share a little more info about the query? Are all searches timing out? Is monitoring enabled or do you have any info about the health of the cluster?

Yes all searches above 24 hrs time range are timing out. We have 7 nodes in our cluster and the health of the cluster is green.

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