Kibana Request Timeout after 30000ms

I used ELK for three months and found kibana couldn't see the data yesterday. And error Request Timeout after 30000ms.
I restart elasticsearch, and then kibana can connect to elasticsearch normally. However, after a period of time, kibana reported the error of Request Timeout after 30000ms again.
What's the problem?

This often means that the request to Elasticsearch is timing out. Is there anything in the Elasticsearch logs? What is the size and specification of your Elasticsearch cluster? How much data, indices and shards do you have in the cluster? What is the output of the cluster stats API?

I just have a node and I'm using the default sharding.
I have solved the problem yesterday.:grinning:
I change elasticsearch's configuration /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options :
I used 2G before.
After set 5G,it work and it worked until now.

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